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Chinese manufacturing is expected to upgrade as competition in machinery industry intensifies

There is analysis that, with; The construction process of made in China 2025 continues to advance, and some industries represented by machinery equipment, new materials and information technology ar...


The machinery industry is running steadily and well

China machinery industry federation (cmii) released a review of the operation of the machinery industry in the first half of the year on Thursday. The main economic indicators of the machinery indus...


The strategic position of China's auto parts development prospect has been enhanced

With the maturity of China's automobile market, the development potential of after-sales market has been gradually released, and the position of parts business in the future development strategy of ...


15/5000 Policies to accelerate the integration of auto parts industry

Recently, with the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles and parts, many multinational automobile companies have cut the prices of imported cars, which has caused wide public concern. More impor...


Auto industry blockbuster policy than expected parts companies first "red envelopes

On boao BBS, two big news stories about the auto industry came together. "China will significantly ease market access, and the next step will be to ease restrictions on foreign shares, especially in...


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